2021 required all our creativity and imagination to bring our community together through festival as we were still under many restrictions due to the pandemic.

But we were not to be deterred!

We designed a programme of vibrant, uplifting and flexible ‘Community Moments’ to create much needed bursts of energy and light bringing festival into the community. The festival offered a safe step towards being as a live audience member or a workshop participant again and a wonderful opportunity for families to spend time together experiencing culture and performance – for the first time in a year for many!

It took the form of a series of in-person and online workshops, classes, and pop-up festival performances in Japanese taiko drumming, dance, origami, and other arts running from April 2021 to March 2022. We took every opportunitiy to get outside and safely re-connect with our community.

To keep our festival year grounded in the Playtrail, we had a pilot festival event ‘Taiko, Tea&Dance’, an intimate performance event of taiko and flute, dance and a tea ceremony in August.

Photography by Neil McLaughlin and Gav Connolly.

R&D Media made a lovely wee film capturing as many of these moments as we could which you can watch here.