Yu-Jo Taiko

Taiko Friendship in Claudy!

Yu-Jo Taiko is our longest running project, set up in 2013 as part of the City of Culture celebrations and continuing as a Legacy project. It brings together children of different communities from two primary schools in Claudy, Cumber Claudy Primary School and St Colmcilles Primary School. The children meet on a weekly basis in the Diamond Centre in Claudy to learn Taiko and forge new friendships. The word Yu-jo means ‘friendship’.


Yu-jo Taiko participants practice throughout the school year and then perform as part of our annual showcase O-Bon festival in the Playtrail in May. Every year, the talent, team work and enthusiasm that they bring to the stage is a joy to see and hear.


We have continued to work with more and more students with the support of both schools, our funders and the continued support of the great people at the Diamond Centre in Claudy who provide the neutral venue for our rehearsals.

“Being involved in Yu-Jo Taiko extends the children’s exposure to our diverse cultures in Northern Ireland and more of this is to be encouraged. The newly learned skills, friendships and raised self-confidence of all the children involved has had a positive effect. Enabling children from a rural area to be included in such an initiative is an added bonus for all in the Claudy area.”

Mrs O’Neill, Principal, St Colmcille’s Primary School, Claudy.

Still going despite Covid 19!

Yujo Taiko is now online! Even though the children are not in school, we are still meeting up weekly, every Monday morning, to practice Taiko but also to chat and have some fun learning Japanese words and playing games.

We love our Yujo kids!